Nunchaku’s Kasakoff Redefines Latino Culture In Ads For KRAFT Mac & Cheese

Buenos Aires and LA based production company Nunchaku director Nicolas “Nico” Kasakoff conducts a secret midnight KRAFT Mac & Cheese expedition in the comedic new :30 “Secret Purchase” for KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese out of Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

The campaign features the two additional :15s “Realization” and “Forbidden Love” and combats the square image of stereotypical KRAFT Mac & Cheese devotees with the finesse of latin charm.

Bringing a wealth of experience in working in both the Latin and American markets, native Argentinean Nico Kasakoff was able to deliver a straightforward viewpoint of the nuances of Latin culture in the United States.

With his personal background, he was able not only to uncover the humor in the campaign, but also authentically deliver the high level of cultural pride felt by Latinos searching for a delicate balance between infusing themselves in American traditions, while still maintaining their own.

He notes, “Latino people strive to be part of the American culture, but at the same time resist from losing their Latino identity. They almost feel as if they want to be equal parts of both cultures, but often times struggle to find a balance.”

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