“Packed With Purpose” Rubies In The Rubble & Pearlfisher Unveil New Design And Brand Positioning

Rubies in the Rubble worked with Pearlfisher on new brand strategy, brand identity, tone of voice and brand world

• The re-brand is part of an exciting new era for the makers of ‘conscious condiments’, and comes after new team hires and a hugely successful crowdfund campaign launched earlier this summer

• Jenny Costa, Rubies in the Rubble Founder & CEO says “Every element of Pearlfisher’s new positioning and design works together to truly bring to life our full story and offer. Our new look is part of many exciting moves for the business and will help us to standout on shelf and realise our vision as a brand that’s ‘Packed with Purpose’”

Making condiments from surplus ingredients that would have otherwise gone to waste since 2011, pioneers of the anti-food waste movement, Rubies in the Rubble have teamed up with the branding and design agency Pearlfisher to execute a re-brand that elevates the current design from ‘farm-shop charm’ to broad and credible, mass premium appeal.

Fresh off the back of a successful fundraise, Rubies in the Rubble are ready to go up against the big ketchup and mayo category players with their unique sustainable offering. The brand approached Pearlfisher to reinvent its expression for a mass premium audience. This involved streamlining and simplifying their brand strategy, better promoting shelf presence and ensuring that their visual and verbal communication felt premium, purposeful and powerful for all its audiences.

Ashleigh Steinhobel, Pearlfisher Senior Strategist, said, “Our big opportunity lay in challenging a category that has remained untouched for years, defined by heritage brands and habitual buying behaviour. Colour is highly significant in this category – with a dominance of red in ketchup and light blue and yellow in mayonnaise – giving us the potential to disrupt this and frame something new within the context of what consumers know and trust. Our re-positioning and redesign needed to take Rubies in the Rubble from ‘farm-shop charm’ to broad and credible appeal”.

The brand’s authentic story and progressive nature needed to be at the heart of its creative strategy, with a design and tone of voice to cement its purpose and personality. This led to a big idea of ‘Relish the Discovery’ – playing to the inherent nature of the name, finding new ways to make the best of the food available as well as the contemporary consumer’s exploratory palate and desire for choice.

The ‘Packed with Purpose’ strapline informs the new ‘packed with punch’ tone of voice and a new way of verbally communicating messages that are both pithy and powerfully memorable.

Jess Phillips, Pearlfisher Design Designer, said, “To evoke the brand’s premium and playful nature we flipped the two Bs in ‘Rubble’ to face each other, this signifies a ruby shape at the heart of the brand and represents the idea of discovery and curiosity. The ruby becomes an ownable equity for the brand, from the illustration style to the unique label shape of the packaging and beyond. In order to not isolate the brand from its category and consumers, we incorporated a familiar colour palette but used more premium and natural hues to bring a greater celebration of difference, story and flavour.

Additionally, the rough, natural textures of the label evoke the brand name with the glass structure reinforcing both the premium and sustainability credentials and ensuring excellent product show-through.”

Jenny Costa, Founder & CEO of Rubies in the Rubble says, “There is currently no condiment brand with the taste and sustainability credentials to rival ours. Our purpose is built on championing sustainability, and due to the quality of our products, we have built a loyal and authentic fan base of retailers, restaurants and food lovers. We’ve proven that you can be commercial AND conscious, and we wanted a new brand direction that communicated our ambition to take our company to the next level and meet the need for a great tasting sustainable condiment that is available at scale.”


A Handful of Food Waste Facts:

• Over 1/3 produce never reaches our plates. This is equivalent to 1.3billion tonnes of food worldwide every year. If we reduced this amount by just 1/4, there would be enough food to feed everybody on the planet

• To date, Rubies in the Rubble has saved over 4 million pieces of fruit and veg,

• 15million tonnes of food & drink is thrown away in the UK each year, costing the average household approximately £60 per month. If we stop wasting food that could have been eaten, the benefit to the planet would be the equivalent of taking 1 in 4 cars off the road

• An estimated 20-40% of UK fruit and vegetables are rejected before they reach the shops


• Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, Waitrose, Ocado, Harrods, Fortnum and Mason, Selfridges, Lakeland, Cook, QVC, Not on the High Street and independent stores across the UK

• Rubies’ online shop www.rubiesintherubble.com You can also find Rubies in burgers, sandwiches, cheese boards, burgers and other dishes in shops, delis, restaurants, hotels and even trains across the UK, including:

• Honest Burger, Granger & Co, Sirus Inns, The Alchemist, Ethos, Marriot, Virgin Trains, Foxlow, HIX, Hippo Inns and EAT

Source: Pearlfisher

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