Pigs In Blankets With Southern African Sizzle

Ocado launches 3 K’s Wors boerewors in time for Christmas 2020

On an inquisitive island where World Cuisine is having an increasingly positive impact of empowering UK taste buds and fuelling gastronomic innovation, it was only a matter of time before someone took a close look at improving upon timeless ‘pig-on-pig’ Christmas treat, PIGS IN BLANKETS.

Ocado launch K’s Wors boerewors in December in a festive piggy putsch that would not only encourage result in the experimentation of PIGS IN BLANKET with a spicy African twist but encourage a rethink of much loved festive cooked breakfast.

Ocado will launch with 3 flavours of boerewors: Countrystyle, Chakalaka & Chilli

Historically in Britain it’s the trusty Cumberland that’s been chosen as the perfect banger to be wrapped up snugly in crispy bacon to provide the perfect ‘meaty sidekick’ to any beautifully basted turkey.  Boerewors aficionado Dee Mapasure believes that with so many traditional English Xmas institutions now being revisited, (Turkey not always the meat of choice, Christmas puds & cakes on the wane and Brussels Sprouts increasingly rejected by young taste buds) it’s not ridiculous to suggest that ‘Pigs in Blankets’ are ripe for a meaty makeover.

‘I’ve felt for some while,’ concludes Dee that boerewors could work wonderfully in conjunction with best-in-class bacon. For the last 2 years boerewors have been building a head of steam during BBQ season.  It was only ever going to be a matter of time before boerewors gate-crashed the Great British Winter.’ 

December also sees a significant push for K’s Wors boerewors into the pivotal independent sector with recent successes in opinion-forming African wholesalers e.g.  Global African ltd (Manchester), Afccos (Watford) 1212 Afro Caribbean (Nottingham) THE GB deli & farm shop fraternity, foodservice and gastropubs 

In 2020 K’s Wors will be exporting to Ireland & Isle of Man 

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