Poliakov Vodka Unveils a New Fully-Revamped Flavoured Range

ImpressionPoliakov Vodka unveils a fully-revamped new Flavoured range. Bypassing the prevailing “flavour fatigue,” Poliakov Vodka focuses on within-reach and familiar flavours. We all know those typical aromas, which will ring a bell to each and every one of us.

Poliakov rises up to the challenge of upgrading classic flavours. While setting the standards higher than ever to offer the greatest expression of these flavours, a panel of experts has come up with new recipes using exclusively natural aromas, in order to bring out the best in each flavour. Therefore the rewarded-quality of Poliakov Vodka can be fully expressed in its aromatic range.

Draped in a new icy silver packaging, with hints of transparency to reflect the natural aromas, Poliakov Flavoured range will be revealed at TFWA Cannes next October. For the occasion, a known Parisian barman created a cocktail for each of the eight flavours. These cocktails intend to enhance each flavour, while offering an accessible recipe to enjoy at home with friends.

In addition to the new flavour Vanilla, Poliakov Vodka is also available in Poliakov Mandarin, Poliakov Lemon, Poliakov Green Apple, Poliakov Cranberry, Poliakov Peach, Poliakov Caramel, and Poliakov Strawberry.

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