Publix Supermarkets to Carry Three Additional Natalie’s Orchid Island Juices

16ouncers-26Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company announced that its Orange Beet, Honey Tangerine and Natural Lemonade juices will be available at all Publix Supermarkets in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee starting October 26th.  The three juices join Natalie’s Grapefruit Juice, Orange Juice and Strawberry-Lemonade, on the shelves of every Publix Supermarket.

“Now more than ever, shoppers want to bring home clean label juices with no preservatives, no additives and no flavour packs – which is exactly the type of squeezed fresh citrus juices Natalie’s proudly provides,” explains Marygrace Sexton, the founder and CEO of Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company.

27030b9c4d0fdc006472c0d4b2312dc2“We are very excited Publix is carrying additional varieties of Natalie’s Juices, and this is a fantastic opportunity that will continue to grow our relationship with Publix.”

Natalie’s Natural Lemonade is made in small batches to ensure consistency and quality. Unlike other lemonades, Natalie’s Lemonade contains only three ingredients: lemons, pure cane sugar and water, and is 20% juice, which is significantly higher than other lemonades.

Natalie’s Orange Beet juice, otherwise known as nature’s recovery juice, is handcrafted and contains only two ingredients: oranges and beets. It’s a nutritional powerhouse that’s become a favourite for sports enthusiasts.

95b17cf34a8bc987c752d5ba45210172Natalie’s Honey Tangerine juice is made from honey tangerines grown exclusively in Florida. Honey tangerines are rich in Vitamins C and A, and are a good source of potassium which can help boost the immune system and strengthen bones.

Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company is women-owned and family operated. It proudly produces the highest quality Florida juices possible.

“We are a family feeding families,” says Natalie Sexton, Director of Marketing and namesake of Natalie’s. “We value the importance of providing authentic nutrition to our consumers, which is why our juices are made with clean ingredients – nothing artificial and never over processed.”

Source: Natalie’s Orchid Island Juice Company

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