Pucker Up this summer with Snapple Lemon Daze at 7-Eleven

7-ELEVEN, INC. SNAPPLE LEMON DAZEIt may be the lazy days of summer, but if you snooze, you might lose the opportunity to enjoy exclusive Snapple Lemon Daze lemonades, available only at participating 7-Eleven stores this summer for a limited time.

7-Eleven’s latest cold beverage offer comes in three all-natural flavors – Lemonade, Pink Lemonade and an all-new Mango Lemonade in bottles with eye-catching new labels.

“At Snapple, when life gives us lemons, we turn them into great-tasting, refreshing lemonades,” said Dave Fleming, director of marketing for Snapple. “With Lemon Daze at 7-Eleven, we’re giving fans across the country three more great reasons to enjoy Snapple this summer.”

With two out of three of their customers purchasing something to drink, the 7-Eleven beverage team is always on the lookout for new, different and exclusive beverages to offer thirsty customers. They saw a particularly sweet opportunity for a lemonade offer during their #Awesummer campaign at 7-Eleven.

“Lemonade drinks are one of the fastest-growing beverage segments,” said Alan Beach, merchandising vice president for 7-Eleven. “They appeal to consumers at both ends of the generational spectrum — from teens and millennials to seniors.”

7-ELEVEN, INC. LOGO“It’s hard to name something that goes better with summer than an ice-cold lemonade, and you can’t beat three delicious premium lemonades ‘Made from the Best Stuff on Earth’ and priced to quench the biggest summertime thirst.”

7-Eleven executive vice president Jesus Delgado-Jenkins added, “7-Eleven wants all of its potential customers to know that we are working to bring new, exciting and great-tasting products to market that are not available elsewhere.”

This summer, 7-Eleven’s #Awesummer campaign is providing more than 30 coupons for free merchandise and value offers on its most popular products.

Fans can download the free 7-Eleven app to their smart phones for the offers and to find directions to their nearest 7-Eleven store.

This is the second partnership of the summer between Snapple and 7-Eleven. To celebrate National Iced Tea Day June 10, 7-Eleven and Snapple gave out free bottles of Snapple Iced Tea every day that week through the new 7-Eleven app.

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