Purity Vodka & Joel McHale Hit The Surf To Continue Crafted Spirits Journey

Purity Vodka launched the third episode of ‘Crafted Spirits,’ a digital content series starring comedian Joel McHale on the vodka brand’s YouTube.

In the most recent video, McHale visits Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, award-winning surfboard designer and owner of LOST Surfboards, at their San Clemente, CA headquarters. McHale and Biolos tour his state-of-the-art shaping facility before testing out the custom-made Purity Vodka LOST Mayhem surfboard at the beach.

“I’ve been on an incredible journey: visiting obsessive craftsman, stealing their work in exchange for cases of Purity Vodka. It’s been a wild ride,” said McHale. “So far, I stole a truck and a bulletproof suit. I assume none of this is admissible in court. My lawyer is furiously shaking his head, which tells me I’m in the clear. Anyway, after evading the authorities, my next stop took me to the beaches of southern California to enjoy some Purity Vodka and talk about surfboard-making.”

In the series, McHale journeyed across North America to meet unique and accomplished craftsman who share the same obsessive dedication to quality that Purity Vodka does in creating its award-winning taste.  Produced in conjunction with Bullitt Productions and written by Brad Stevens and Boyd Vico, the Purity Vodka series was developed as a comedic way to feature craftsmen who do things a little differently and create the ultimate statement of taste.  This idea parallels the brand’s own Master Blender and Founder, Thomas Kuuttanen, who created Purity Vodka as a tribute Vodka’s original intended taste prior the 20th century.

“Purity Vodka is a high-quality, great tasting spirit, and any of the craftsmen I met along my ‘Crafted Spirits’ journey will agree,” said McHale.

JoelMc-9397-600x450“I mean, they aren’t returning my calls because of how much I stole from them – but I would assume they’d agree with me. Now my lawyer is giving me a ‘thumbs up,’ which I think means he needs to be walked. Anyway, Purity Vodka is amazing. You hear me Sean, Justin, George, Dan?  Yes, this is a challenge – meet me in the tasting room – your house or mine. Mine is a garage, but I still call it a ‘tasting room.'”

The complete series can be viewed on YouTube:

  • Episode 1, ICON Motors – Joel begins his journey with a visit to ICON Motors where he meets with owner and craftsman Jonathan Ward – and does whatever it takes to get a $500,000 custom truck.
  • Episode 2, Garrison Bespoke – Joel continues his journey to Toronto, Canada where he meets with David Tran at custom tailor house Garrison Bespoke for a bulletproof suit fitting – and of course Joel needs to test it out.
  • Episode 3, LOST Surfboards – Joel takes a trip to SoCal to visit Matt “Mayhem” Biolos, world-class surfboard shaper and owner of LOST Surfboards.  Joel attempts to show off his amateur surfboard skills on a custom made LOST Purity Vodka surfboard.

“The ‘Crafted Spirits’ campaign with Joel McHale has introduced Purity Vodka to a wide audience as seen through the eyes and comedic genius of Joel McHale, as he journeys into our world of unique taste and quality,” said Andy Glaser, President and CEO, Purity Vodka.

“As Purity’s story continues to grow and evolve, we look forward to introducing spirits drinkers to our award-winning taste and superior craftsmanship.”

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