Rain-Rain stay away, out of Skol’s Carnival way

New campaign from GUT São Paulo & brewing company, Skol

If it were up to Skol, sunshine would be guaranteed for Carnival 2020 in São Paulo. In the ‘Giro na Chuva’ (Spin in the Rain) campaign, Skol wants to help ensure that the festivities aren’t dampened by bad weather so that Carnival-goers can enjoy the event to the fullest.

Skol has employed the help of technology that uses an innovative and environmentally ethical method to induce rainfall in the Cantareira Water System. This is the first time that this technology will be used in an ad campaign. The rain will fall into the Cantareira reservoir before it hits the festivities. This way, the rain still falls, continuing the natural cycle of water but ensuring sunshine for Carnival!

The rain action will take place from February 21st to 26th in São Paulo. During the days of Carnival, the brand will produce content on its social networks – @Skol –  to track the weather in real time for Carnival-goers in São Paulo. 

“It rains every year in São Paulo during the Carnival season and ends up disturbing the street parties,” said Pedro Adamy, Skol’s marketing director, “That’s why Skol wants to help to ensure sunshine during the festivities and make Carnival as enjoyable as possible for the people of São Paulo.”

“Skol takes fun super seriously, that’s why we’re using state of the art technology to try and stop the rains that usually ruin brazil’s street parades during carnival.” Bruno Brux, ECD at GUT São Paulo.

The SABESP (São Paulo Water Company) has been using this weather manipulation technology for over 12 years to help the natural cycle of rain throughout the Cantareira Water System. The rain-inducing action is localized within the São Paulo region and targets clouds of 1 to 6 km in diameter. After 15 to 20 minutes of seeding, the rain is induced. This method is 100% environmentally ethical and uses only drinking water in the form of controlled droplets. This influx of water causes the rain clouds to expand and therefore induces rainfall. The process is non-damaging to the environment and promotes rain that contributes to the recovery of springs, in addition to helping maintain healthy soil and vegetation cover.

Skol also produced a web series to further explain the technology that is used in the ‘Giro na Chuva’ (Spin in the Rain), which will be available on Skol networks starting on February 18th. The series is divided into three episodes which immerse viewers in the culture of Carnival, regional customs, traditions, Brazilian innovations, and the importance of natural to the Brazilian people.

Source: GUT São Paulo

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