Red Bull: The Cans Are Out There


Over the course of the last few months, Red Bull has been in the process of globally launching their first new flavor extensions: The Blue Edition, The Red Edition and The Silver Edition.

Supporting the launch of these new flavors to the world, rehabstudio conceived of and created a fun, new online experience allowing users to search for The Editions in giant detailed murals by commissioned artists.  The latest of these experiences just launched in Switzerland.

Featuring localized landmarks and cultural phenomena per country, users can scroll around the image, zoom in and out, and the search for the different cans hidden within. Once they find all three flavors, Red Bull awards them with a sample.

Creating these giant custom illustrations are globally renowned artists such as Berlin-based Peachbeach for the latest launch of the Swiss site; for Portugal, the initial hand draw was by Ricardo Drumond and the digital illustration by Lucia Ferro, both from agency WHO; Petros Xristoulias in Greece; and more.

A few helpful links: the latest Editions’ campaign for Switzerland (French and German sectors), plus the other recently launched localized sites: Portugal, Greece, United Emirates, with more to come.


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