Rhuby All Natural Rhubarb Liqueur From Sweden at Selfridges

Rhuby Rhuby, the world’s first 100% natural rhubarb liqueur, is now focusing on the U.K. market. Drinks industry veteran and entrepreneur Ylva Binder has gone back to her Swedish roots to create a premium liqueur close to her heart.

Rhuby is produced in Sweden, prepared in small batches to ensure the freshest liquid possible; it is then distilled, and finally bottled and labelled by hand.

Rhuby is made with juiced rhubarb stalks with the addition of smooth wheat vodka from Gripsholm Distillery, which dates back to 1580 and is the only certified organic distillery in Sweden.

The distinct tartness of the juiced rhubarb is softened by a touch of a bourbon vanilla bean, which lends depth and complexity to Rhuby, which has a round and pleasing finish.

Ylva started creating her own drink concoctions far earlier than she could legally consume them; she and her father blended, nosed and laughed at the creations that frequently matured in her mother’s cooking pots.

Rhuby1Rhuby is of course far different, created under the watchful eye of master blender Solveig Sommarström, who previously headed the lab at Vin & Sprit. Solveig loves the use of botanicals, and educated herself as a healer to complement her broad botanical knowledge.

At 40 proof (20% ABV), Rhuby is light and refreshing, perfect shaken over ice and served neat in a martini glass for lighter drinks, or mixed with smooth wheat vodka for those who like a stronger flavor.

In addition, the liqueur can be added to a range of other spirits – including tequila, rum, gin, and bourbon – and works wonders with sparkling wine.

The Rhuby 700ml bottle is currently available via Selfrigdes and Coe Vintners.

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