Ridgeview Wine and YesMore pivot to grow sales over Christmas and Valentines


At the start of 2020, Ridgeview wanted to increase awareness of its brand for fans of both English and other sparkling wines. It appointed YesMore wine marketing agency at the start of the year and together worked on a new positioning and Ridgeview’s first big campaign.

Ridgeview Wine

By February 2020, Ridgeview and YesMore had developed a campaign around the tagline ‘Life Is For Celebrating’ – across billboards, adshels, tube cards and other Out Of Home locations. 

And then the Coronavirus pandemic hit, and changed everything.

It was instantly obvious that the ‘Life Is For Celebrating’ creative route could be seen as insensitive in these circumstances.. And, with so many businesses feeling the pressure financially, Ridgeview agreed to pivot its objectives towards sales too, rather than purely brand awareness. 


We went back to the drawing board, quickly re-thinking our entire strategy and creative approach. The work was moved to later in 2020, and we developed a new overarching theme: ‘Bring Celebration Home’. This continued to align the brand to celebrations and moments that matter, while being sensitive to the environmental factors of the pandemic. It also played perfectly into the shift of drinking at home in 2020.

The out of home strategy was shifted to focus on reaching audiences via digital media, supporting this with programmatic and paid social ads. We had planned to focus on targeting the south east of England in the initial campaign, and we reflected this in the digital planning too.

All work was phased to ensure that we both built the Ridgeview brand and converted this awareness into sales. 

The plan was to reach new audiences and make them aware of the brand, engage them with a competition element which captured data, and retargeted ‘warmed up’ audiences to drive them to purchase Ridgeview products in the lead up to Christmas and New Year 2020.


We trialled some initial work which was created by re-editing archive video and image content, but to really “Bring Celebration Home” we needed new content too. So we scripted and shot new video content which dealt nicely with the ways  in which we all have had to celebrate together, apart, in 2020.

These were created by trusted production team, Other Brother Studios, which produced four key videos that each tapped into a different celebration for the time of year:


We brought Christmas celebrations home with a video call style film of a family in Christmas jumpers, glasses of Ridgeview’s English sparkling wine in hands and the dad of the family telling a bad Christmas joke.

New Year’s Eve
The New Years video showed a group of friends counting down to 2021 on a video call: “3… 2… 1…. HAPPY NEW YEAR”, with one couple (of course) missing the moment as they tried to open their bottle of Ridgeview bubbly.

The birthdays creative featured a surprise birthday party on a video call, complete with party poppers, streamers and cake. We timed the paid media for during the Christmas period, set the targeting to reach people with birthdays around Christmas and tailored the copy to acknowledge what it’s like having a birthday at Christmas.

And finally we brought engagements home with a couple announcing their engagement to a group of friends screaming with delight on a video call, popping corks and plenty of cheers. We timed this for late December and early Jan with tailored copy to focus on those that got engaged in December – historically the most popular month to get engaged. We reused this creative in February for the run up to Valentine’s day – another key period for engagements. 


The aim of the campaign was both awareness and sales, and it really delivered on both of these. 

Overall, 1.8m impressions of the ad were served, with 800k people reached in the South East and across the UK. 

Sales directly from the ads alone drove a 323% increase in online sales – and that’s just those we could directly track. We also know that during the period of our campaign, sales in Waitrose were up 42% on the same promotional period in the prior year.

The ads and competition also grew Ridgeview’s email list by 37%. 

A new campaign in February involved re-running the ‘engagement’ video creative around Valentine’s day – this grew the overall database by another 35%.

Overall YesMore Agency’s campaign with new content and a smart paid social approach grew the email database by an impressive 85% from both campaigns.

Mardi Roberts, director of communication at Ridgeview, said:

“Working with YesMore delivered fantastic results for us, proving the benefits of a cohesive tactical and agile approach while keeping our comms and marketing in touch with the tone of the audience at this tricky time.”

Source: YesMore

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