Ridgeview Wines launches bold new strategy and marketing campaign

Drinks marketing agency YesMore has created a new strategy and marketing campaign for Ridgeview as the premium British wine brand evolves its positioning as the UK emerges from lockdown. 

The creative and strategy launch this week (English Wine Week) and centre around the tagline ‘Open for celebration’, playing on the double meaning of opening a bottle, and society opening up. 

Ads created for the new campaign focus on the ‘four styles’ of those opening a bottle of fizz: the perfectionist, the magician, the squealy popper and the first timer. The creative looks and feels very different to other British wine brands, with a much more fun, stand-out approach. 

This is the second iteration of Ridgeview’s brand positioning as it has adjusted to recent times. In 2019, the brand moved to a more agile marketing model and modified its 2019/20‘ Life is for celebrating’ positioning, working with YesMore, to launch its ‘Bring celebration home’ campaign for Christmas 2020.

“The ‘open for celebration’ line is a great strategy for us, as we navigate our way through recent times, and hopefully towards more time to be celebrating with friends and family,’” said Mardi Roberts, director of communication at Ridgeview

“During the last year it has been fantastic working with YesMore, evolving our brand message whilst keeping celebration at our heart. The new creative was great fun to develop and create the popping personalities by asking how do you ‘open for celebration’?”

Tom Harvey, co-founder at YesMore Agency, added: 
“The new Ridgeview ads and strategy try to capture something of the excitement we all feel when we open a bottle of fizz. That excitement and anticipation – it’s always an occasion – and right now, many people are looking to cautiously celebrate once more. The new tag line will run through all creative, from the online ad campaign launching this week, through to print and in-store.”

Source: YesMore

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