Roast Potatoes Voted the UK’s Christmas Dinner Winner

proastpots12_1204053cA recent survey conducted by Ladbrokes Bingo found that the humble roast potato is the highlight of the Christmas dinner – with a huge 56% majority choosing it as their favourite item of the festive feast. Turkey came a close second, and pigs in blankets came third.

The average Brit eats between two and three Christmas dinners every year, with family visits and leftovers racking up the amount of servings.

Food comes first on Christmas day, with a 39% majority saying that eating their Christmas dinner is their favourite part of the day. This comes over family time (32%), and presents – only 19% of respondents choosing this.

When we look at the genders – men choose meat! 52% chose turkey as the favourite part of their dinner. The female love of roasties far outshines this, however, with 61% choosing roast potatoes as their favourite.

When it comes to what tipple people enjoy alongside their festive fayre, Prosecco came out as the overall favourite, with 16% choosing this as their go-to Christmas drink. The more traditional options of bucks fizz and mulled wine came second and third, with 14% and 13%. Females are the biggest fans of Prosecco, with event_11guest ales being the drink of choice for the male population.

The sexes are split when it comes to the UK’s favourite meal of the year, but when it comes to the actual meal prep, women are the most likely to take the reins with the cooking, 63% of women shooing their fellas out of the kitchen.

However, cooking the dinner comes second behind a couple of other festive activities, with a huge 80% spending their time watching TV on Christmas day, the largest result of any Christmas day activity. 69% see family, with only 54% spending time cooking.

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