Saka Reveals a Refreshing New Look

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 15.30.03As one of the UK’s fastest-growing water brands, Saka Natural Mineral Water has unveiled a distinctive new insignia and soft-touch recyclable bottles that are bound to enhance its appeal among consumers and promote the added health benefits of drinking water to adults and children.

Conveying the natural purity and unique qualities of Saka, this restyling and extended range – including the launch of Saka Kids – meets the needs of every lifestyle choice whether at school, on the go, playing sport or enjoying at home or work.

Activate a Healthier Lifestyle…

However, award-winning Saka does more than deliver a pure and naturally refreshing taste experience. In difference to many mineral waters, that are acidic in composition, alkaline-rich Saka provides an even healthier choice to consumers.

Saka-product-images-range-2013Alkaline water is known to actively remove harmful toxins from the body and help mitigate the effects of consuming foods and drinks that cause acidic waste to build up in the body.

With essential minerals and nutrients naturally present in Saka, such as magnesium and calcium, its alkaline-rich properties facilitate fast absorption of these vital elements leading to a healthier body.

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 15.30.15As part of its mission to communicate a positive health message and reinforce the importance of drinking water for good health and well being, Saka has added new variants to encourage water as the first choice for natural hydration.

In particular, with the plethora of sodas and sports drinks, Saka Kids introduces a new 330ml bottle size with sports cap and a fun character to engage younger consumers.

The introduction of ‘SOL’ builds on the body of evidence that characters motivate young consumers’ choices they can identify with.

Water Innovation

New look Saka’s innovative packaging combines eye-catching design with clearer labeling along with a super lightweight 100% recyclable bottle that’s easy to handle and gentle on the environment.

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