Serviceplan Italy Creates International Campaign for Kimbo ‘A cup of Naples’ Starring Italian Actress Serena Autieri

Kimbo’s new TV campaign ‘Una Tazza di Napoli’ (A cup of Naples) celebrates the beauty of Naples and heritage of the historic Neopolitan Coffee Brand.

Kimbo’s new campaign titled ‘Una Tazza di Napoli’ (A cup of Naples) has launched on prime time Italian TV and captures ‘l’Anima di Napoli’ (the soul of Naples) in a light and breezy 60’ TVC starring the iconic Neopolitan coffee brand’s Ambassador Serena Autieri.  

Brand Ambassador Serena Autieri narrates the TVC in a beautiful sing song voice, with a poetic metaphorical description of drinking a cup of Kimbo, saying: „Una tazza di noi, una tazza di sole e di mare, di aria dolce, di cultura…“ (A cup of us, a cup of sun and sea, a cup of fresh air, of culture….“

The new campaign created by Serviceplan Italy reaffirms the brand’s bond with its origins, telling a story that portrays a Naples capable of communicating beauty, care and excellence, but also the internationality of the brand, thus strengthening all the know-how of the historic Neapolitan company recognized all over the world.

After a year as delicate as 2020, Kimbo is back on the air with a new campaign capable of expressing all the remarkable Neopolitan qualities, whilst communicating the internationality of the brand which means that Kimbo coffee is recognized all over the world.

An extraordinary, impactful and unique 60’ story enters the homes of Italians with Kimbo’s symbolic “Cup of Naples” through the main Italian television stations for a total of 900 TV segments, with an important investment also in the digital part. A choice of media combining offline and online means the campaign has been designed to reach all target audiences, including the younger demographic – this is an important element for Kimbo, whose desire with this campaign is to gain further global recognition of the brand’s knowledge and quality, by focussing on how much part of everyday life a “simple” cup of coffee can be.

The new Kimbo international advertising campaign was developed by Serviceplan Italy with the creative direction of Chief Creative Officer Stefania Siani, and directed by Federico Brugia. The campaign marks an important turning point in the path of the brand with the launch of the iconic slogan: “Kimbo. A cup of Naples”, with which Kimbo enters people’s lives as a symbol of an authentic and aspirational Naples.

The new campaign has been created under the leadership of Kimbo’s new CEO Roberto Grasso.


It is once again Italian actress Serena Autieri who spreads the aroma of Kimbo-like music, reinterpreting in a sweet and hypnotic way one of the most famous jingles in the history of the brand: the samba of “El Kimbo”. Serena Autieri, the charming Neopolitan actress who has been ambassador of the brand symbol of Naples coffee in the world since 2018, narrates the TV spot with her voice and lends her image to this journey that touches the four corners of the globe. The testimonial, much appreciated by the Italian public, shares her Neapolitan origins and a real passion for Kimbo coffee. The climax of the story is the great journey around the world, where every cup of Kimbo coffee is able to bring all the taste of Naples into the life of those who drink it, to tell the Neapolitan soul and the ability of the brand to interpret everyone’s taste.

The film manages to perfectly portray the excellence of coffee culture which in Kimbo has deep roots, and is among the best expressions of the Neapolitan tradition. The essential talent of this know-how is certainly that of roasting, so unique as to make Kimbo coffee recognizable all over the world: it is a typically Neapolitan ancient art of which Kimbo has been the guardian for almost 60 years. It is precisely the roasting that allows Kimbo to burn the soul of Naples into each grain.

At the centre of an integrated communication campaign that will be promoted continuously throughout 2021, the new spot is broadcast in 30 “and 60” formats with a high media impact and strong resonance on the main national TV networks and on the internet between February 26th to March 21st. The spot will be aired during 900 TV shows, of which over 30% were concentrated in the first launch weekend, a prime time share of 52% and a gross investment of €11,000,000. Among the TV broadcasters showing the spot are; Rai, P80, Digitalia, Cairo, Dme, Sky Pay and Sky Free. At the same time on the web, the new spot will be part of video and display planning aimed at conquering a metropolitan target, young and with a strong need for experimentation.

The integrated communication also incorporates a digital campaign worth over €250,000 with planning to support the launch on TV and through the main online broadcasters including: Premium News, Corriere News, La7, Ilsole24, Sky Tg24, Sky Sport, Mediaset Play, Rai Play, Discovery +, and YouTube.

The new commercial introduces a new phase in the history of the brand, and proudly establishes Kimbo’s role as authentic ambassador of coffee from Naples to the world, with an unparalleled history and experience. In addition to the full version, the commercial will also be broadcast in functional versions focused on the various product lines.


Agency: Serviceplan Italy

Client: Kimbo

Title: Una Tazza di Napoli

Agenzia: Serviceplan Italia

Chief Creative Officer: Stefania Siani

Art and Copy: Arianna Cacciapuoti and Alessandra Tondi

Client Service Director: Alice Ferrante

Account: Ilaria Pagani

Production Company: Olympique Film
Director: Federico Brugia
Post Production: Band
Music: Massimiliano Pelan
Media Agency: Mediaplus


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