Seymourpowell Create Healthy New Morning Biscuit for Bournvita

stack_1Leading design and innovation company, Seymourpowell, is pleased to announce details of its recent collaboration with Mondelez India on the launch of Cadbury Bournvita Biscuits – a major extension to the iconic beverage brand and an important addition to the Mondelez India biscuit portfolio.

Seymourpowell were tasked with creating the 3D product design for the biscuit, aimed at the ‘morning’ healthy snacking occasion. The new biscuit will play in the large morning biscuits occasion and a significant share of the Indian biscuit market, which is amongst the largest in the world by volume.

Seymourpowell have helped Mondelez India introduce a very special second biscuit brand in India. The morning snacking occasion has a huge opportunity for a product that brings together taste and nutrition in a way that consumers have enjoyed for so long with the beverage.

pack_biscuit2The shape and form of the biscuit had to embody Bournvita’s brand essence of ‘Tan ki shakti Man ki shakti’, meaning ‘vitality of body, vitality of mind’. It also had to be appealing in taste and engage kids when drinking their morning milk, yet also appeal to mothers seeking a healthy and tasty snack in the morning ‘fuel’ occasion.

Seymourpowell Senior Designer, Magali Vitel says, “The challenge, in terms of engaging with children, was to provide a level of fun without undermining the mother’s trust in the serious nutritional benefits. Mothers are both guardians and mentors, so as well as appealing to children, the design had to draw upon Bournvita’s trusted taste and goodness to persuade mothers to switch from an existing plain sweet biscuit to a more healthy and satisfying Bournvita biscuit.”

Seymourpowell created strategic platforms that inspired several creative routes before reaching a 3D design that embodied the core essence of the Bournvita brand.

pack_biscuit_3Seymourpowell Senior Client Director, Bob Scott says: “The new design creates stand out in the category by deliberately challenging the category convention of rectangular forms. The final round design is framed by two elements representing nutrition and progression – graduated building blocks, deliberately reminiscent of Cadbury’s chocolate blocks, imply progression and signal the chocolate taste, while ears of wheat reference the innate nutritional goodness. At the centre is an embossed symbol with the lettering ‘BV’ to represent the Bournvita brand – born out of research that indicated Indian consumers relate strongly to symbols and iconography.”

Children’s fuel biscuits have faced pressure for growth because they are seen as healthy but not tasty and are losing out to treat biscuits. Bournvita biscuits present an opportunity in offering a value-added biscuit with a strong brand identity that delivers on taste for children and health/nutrition for mothers. A chocolatey taste enriched with real milk and Pro Health Vitamins offers a perfect balance for the morning snacking occasion.

Source: Seymourpowell

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