Shiny, Happy Éclairs: The Classic French Pastry Gets A Makeover

Eclair de Génie, 14 rue Pavée 75004 ParisThe humble French éclair has always been the classic, more traditional choice compared to fancier desserts like macarons and soufflés.

With French pastry chef Christophe Adam’s re-invented éclair, dessert fiends will have much cause for excitement.

Using ingredients like yuzu, fresh strawberries, popcorn, and salted caramel, Adam created a whole new series of tempting flavors for his éclairs.

“An éclair has to taste good of course, but it’s also very, very important for it to look beautiful, to have that high-end, contemporary, modern quality,” said Adam.

These newfangled éclairs almost look too good to eat, especially the rainbow colored ones that look extra enticing with their high-shine, powdered silver coating.

Other innovative designs by the pâtissier include special éclairs printed with digital images, and an all-black chocolate éclair inspired by Coco Chanel.

Adam’s crowd-pleasing “concept store”, L’éclair de Génie, was opened in The Marais less than a year ago, and he hopes to bring his éclairs to New York in the future.

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