Skippy Peanut Butter Set For UK Shelves

SKIPPY2Skippy peanut butter is Americas’ number one choice for peanut butter enthusiasts, fanatics, fans and families. And now, it is ready to take the UK by storm to show peanut butter lovers what they’ve been missing.

In 1933, Joseph Rosenfield had the idea to change the formula for peanut butter. He was tired of boring old peanut butter, so he created Skippy, which was less sticky and longer-lasting. Ever since, the Skippy brand has been committed to making peanut butter the most fun food to eat, and with the Skippy brand’s innovation, they could do so in the creamiest, most delicious way possible.

Skippy has always done things a bit differently, and is always thinking of ways to improve; from the taste, to the texture and that peanut-buttery smell when you first crack open a new jar. That’s why the Skippy brand has been putting smiles on the faces of people across the USA, one spoonful at a time and now they are ready to spread smiles on this side of the pond, offering two delicious varieties to the UK market:

Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter

Skippy Crunch

Craving peanutty taste that packs a crunch? Look no further than Skippy Super Chunk Peanut Butter. Every jar is blended with loads of real peanut pieces so you get the fun flavour of SkippyPeanut Butter, plus crazy amounts of crunchiness.

Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter
Skippy Smooth

Spread on the smiles with smooth, creamy peanut buttery perfection. Skippy Creamy Peanut Butter adds more fun to just about anything. It’s nothing but smooth snacking with this creamy classic.

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