Snapple Wants You to Share Why You #LOVESNAPPLE

CBonrFqUIAAjL8qSince 1972, Snapple has been made with the best stuff on Earth, winning the hearts and taste buds of consumers through its wide variety of refreshing and unique flavors. Born in Brooklyn, the brand has won a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers, and this year Snapple rallied its hometown fans to share their love with the rest of the country.

Now, Nick Cannon – rapper, actor, host of America’s Got Talent, and Snapple-lover – is joining the brand in asking people from coast-to-coast to share why they love Snapple online with the hashtag #LOVESNAPPLE.

From the first beverage sold out of a Brooklyn storefront, Snapple continues to be one of New York’s most loved beverages, and home to some of the brand’s most loyal fans. Earlier this year, in addition to asking New Yorkers to share their love with the rest of the country, Snapple chose three Big Apple natives and Snapple fanatics to feature in the brand’s 2015 advertising campaign, including national TV spots currently on air.

“We are so fortunate to have the best fans on Earth and want them to be front-and-center in helping spread the love of Snapple across the country,” said Brent Chism, Director of Marketing, Snapple. “We love how passionate New Yorkers are about our brand, and are excited for the rest of the country to join Snapple and Nick Cannon in sharing their love online with #LOVESNAPPLE.”

With the rest of the country joining New Yorkers in the Snapple love-fest, the brand wanted to benchmark consumer-centric Snapple stats – specifically the variation of flavor preferences by region. A recent Snapple study found that while Snapple enthusiasts in New York and the East Coast are all about Lemon Tea (25 percent), the South (30 percent) prefer Kiwi Strawberry, while Midwesterners (29 percent) and West Coast folks (30 percent) love Peach Tea the most. With the help of New Yorkers and Nick Cannon, the brand is excited to continue sharing the love of Snapple with the rest of the country.

“Snapple and I go way back, so when the brand approached me to help spread the love of Snapple across the country, I knew it was something I wanted to be part of,” said Nick Cannon. “Everyone should share why they love Snapple online using the hashtag #LOVESNAPPLE, because not only is Snapple delicious and perfect for the upcoming summer months, but you also never know when the brand might surprise lucky fans that do!”

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