South Street Brewery Unveils New Labels for their ‘Barstools & Dreamers’ Line

SouthStreet_Group_FinalDeep dive into the fantasy world of South Street Brewery’s Barstools & Dreamers.

Hand-drawn typography and illustrations construct a whimsical world of characters who swirl across the bottle, within custom die-cuts and on metallic paper, bringing through glints of light only on the most important areas of the design, otherwise matted-out in darkness.

Each illustration uses negative space to help define the image, and depicts the name of the beer, from Russian Imperial Princesses to American Gothic Hop Heads.

These specialty brews were designed by Watermark Design.

SouthStreet_Images_Group_Carriers“South Street Brewery is an approachable brand that highlights playful illustrations with bright splashes of colour. The reserve tier, The Barstools and Dreamers Series, encompasses 12oz. seasonal carriers and a 750mL specialty line. Embellishments such as individualized hand lettered titles and metallic foiled stock elevate the tier as a whole. Fine, ethereal line work surrounds each central illustration to evoke a flowing, whimsical aesthetic and underscores how the diecut transitions across the label.”


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