Southpaw Launches Innovative Beer Brand ‘3 Ginger Monkeys’

southpaw_-_3gmAfter a year in the making, Southpaw has announced the launch of 3 Ginger Monkeys – an innovative new beer that has been brewed, branded and brought to market by the agency’s winning #GreatSouthpawBrew team.

3 Ginger Monkeys is one of the first entrepreneurial projects to come out of Southpaw’s new start up platform, Southpaw Hatch.

The agency has created this platform to help launch innovation products and services that challenge the status quo using its challenger mind set and entrepreneurial spirit.

3 Ginger Monkeys is the first project to come through the Hatch platform, with a number of other start up projects currently being incubated.

Some of you may remember that this innovative beer was first conceived following an internal competition for teams to create a new and interesting beer with home brew kits, whilst gaining some first-hand experience of what challenges clients face when bringing a new product to market.

Each team had a month to create, brand and bottle their beer and pitch the final product for the chance to win the opportunity for the beer to be brewed by a local brewery. 3 Ginger Monkeys won the competition based on their innovative branding and unique flavourings.

BottleTom Poynter, Group Managing Director at Southpaw said: “Agencies need to stay relevant to culture, consumers and societal change in order to benefit their clients. Hatch is one vertical within our business that enables us to do that. It has been designed to bring interesting and curious products to market and we will have a wide range of products going through the incubator. Next up is a charity product and following that will be a game changer for female empowerment.”

3 Ginger Monkeys is a golden beer with a tinge of ginge and sake. It has been brewed with food pairing in mind and was launched to consumers in one of the UK’s leading independent beer café’s Fuggles on Sunday 29th November to capitalise on Christmas sales and will be sold across a number of restaurant, pubs and bars.

“After a great judging session at Southpaw’s HQ tasting some great (and awful) trial brews, 3 Ginger Monkeys was the stand out for creativity, branding and overall concept and taste, as well as being a great match with Asian food.” said Alex Greig Owner and landlord of Fuggles Beer Café.

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