Space Brings Cocio to Bestival With Experiential Activity

BreX0gXCMAAGO6S.jpg_largeDanish chocolate milk brand Cocio was targeting Bestival-goers with an experiential campaign designed to drive trial and increase awareness and engagement with the brand. The activity, led by Space, kicked off on September 4 and ran for the duration of the four day event.

Cocio, created in 1951 in Denmark, is a chocolate milk drink brand made of three natural ingredients (cocoa, milk and sugar) served in a glass bottle. The product promotes a feel-good message of simple uncompromised enjoyment to be savoured at any time of the day.

Space has created a 300-person capacity venue at Bestival where Cocio will be offering young, fun-seeking festival goers ‘unforgettable moments’, including bespoke interactive theatre experiences and live acoustic performances along with product sampling. The Cocio area and activities will be open daily from 10am-9pm, and has been designed to provide festival-goers with a relaxed, entertaining setting.

The Cocio area included an undercover structure, stage and seating, designed to complement the relaxed Bestival vibe. Oil drums served as tables with wooden pallets and corrugated iron panels as informal chairs, both discretely branded to enhance the Cocio experience.

Live illustration, theatre and performances from Bestival acts

Cocio encouraged festival-goers to share their ‘unforgettable’ moments on a chalkboard – ideas will be picked by an illustrator who recreated them on the board in a quirky, graphic style throughout the day. Each day, interactive theatre experience company Gideon Reeling created scenarios based on comments shared on the chalkboard. Surprise acoustic performances from musicians playing elsewhere at the festival took place at the Cocio area each day, and were revealed at the time of the event.


The beautifully designed Cocio vintage campervan in the Cocio Classic brand colours of yellow, red and brown also made an appearance offering passers by samples of the product and to entice them into the space.

Gareth Turner, senior brand manager, Dairy Drinks at Arla Foods, said: “This summer we’re continuing to build awareness of Cocio through a range of events designed to build intimacy between the brand and our target consumers. Having a presence at Bestival was a natural fit for Cocio which is all about helping create and share moments of spontaneity with friends. Space has done a fantastic job communicating our core values at the festival.”

Jim Carless, head of client services at Space, said: “As Cocio is still fairly new to UK consumers, we wanted to create an experience that would immerse consumers in the brand, show them a bit of its story and find a way to close the physical and emotional gap between the brand and its drinkers. We think we have achieved this by the very nature of our Bestival initiative which provides quiet areas for friends to just chill out or take part in a range of fun activities and experiences inspired by their own ‘unforgettable’ ideas. We look forward to seeing how it all rolls out!”

The Bestival activity marked the next stage of a summer-long programme of initiatives by Space for Cocio, aimed at building brand awareness and intimacy through trialling initiatives.

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