Starbucks Allows Customers To Pay For Coffee With ‘WearBucks’

Wearbucks3With this new app, you no longer need to fumble for your cards and cash at the payment counter in Starbucks.

Wearbucks’ is an Android Wear app that lets you have a fuss-free experience whenever you pay for your drinks at Starbucks.

To use, simply install the free app into your Android Wear device, such as Google’s smartwatch. Log in to your Starbucks account to add your Starbucks’ card number into the app, and you are ready to go.

To pay for your cup of coffee, you can activate the app through a voice command, “OK Google, start Pay for Starbucks”. If you are shy, a manual option is available too.

Check out WearBucks below, which is available for download here.


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