Starbucks’ New Smartphone Cases Let You Pay For Your Drinks With A Tap

Starbucks Touch1You can now order and pay for your favorite Starbucks beverage by simply flashing the ‘Starbucks Touch’ smartphone case.

Starbucks has teamed up with Uniform Experiment, a Japanese-based men’s clothing line, to create a phone case that will automatically order and pay for your drinks, through an accompanying app.

The Starbucks Touch case is designed to look like a take away cup, featuring a “cup sleeve” with the coffee chain’s logo printed on it—a second design features a colorful mosaic pattern.

The cases are currently sold in two stores in Japan, and fits only an iPhone 6. Starbucks has yet to announce whether the phone cases will be available in the US and other countries.

Starbucks Touch2Starbucks Touch3


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