Starbucks Preps Mobile Ordering in all US Stores for 2016

df312a67-02e2-4eee-a678-7bb5172707e1Starbucks is looking to ease in-store queues with the nationwide implementation of mobile ordering and payments across the US.

Following a the launch of a mobile ordering pilot in Portland earlier this year, the app, which was available only on iOS, is now also available on the Android operating system for coffee drinkers in around 4,000 outlets.

Through the Starbucks app, consumers will be able to order and pay for coffee in 7,400 stores by the end of the year.

Dan Beranek, Starbucks director of digital ventures, told USA Today: “Similar to the way our customers had exposure to mobile payment and the rewards program baked in before and made it possible for us to do mobile order, now mobile order will make it much easier for us to do delivery. That is the next set of innovation we will undertake.”

In April, the brand announced during an earnings call that its mobile order-and-pay capability accounts for 19 per cent of its US store tender.

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