Stella Artois Introduces Le Bar Guide 2.0

gMYXsEvIZe1AgAfjE-J-BSboHDItbDcB25K_Rqs5yb0Stella Artois introduced Le Bar Guide 2.0, a mobile app that serves as a personal concierge for discriminating revelers. While many apps present bar options, Le Bar Guide offers a compelling distinction: it presents bars categorized by the user’s mood.

Le Bar Guide is free and available now on iTunes.

“We rely on more than six hundred years of brewing heritage to create Stella Artois. We have perfected the Chalice, in which Stella Artois is best served, and the nine-step pouring ritual, the ideal method of serving Stella Artois,” said Pablo Firpo, Global Marketing Director, Stella Artois. “Le Bar Guide serves as a premium service to help consumers find the perfect bar environment for the perfect night out, and is a natural next step in crafting the perfect experience for discerning drinkers.”

STELLA ARTOIS LE BAR GUIDELe Bar Guide harnesses the collective wisdom of millions in order to make smart personal nightlife decisions, categorizing bars into four primary moods – Relaxed, Spirited, Lively and Party as measured by reviews on Foursquare and Yelp. After a user has selected the atmosphere, Le Bar Guide finds nearby nightlife options using GPS technology.

Bars can also be sorted through other criteria including price, proximity and rating. Le Bar Guide’s recommendations also become more intuitive over time, as consumers can add new bars and share ratings and feedback.

For the true Stella Artois aficionado, Le Bar Guide 2.0 allows users to rate how well a particular bar performs the brand’s time-honored 9-step pouring ritual to yield the perfect Chalice of Stella Artois. At evening’s end, Le Bar Guide can also summon a taxi with a single click.

The app was created in partnership with Undercurrent and Wondersauce. Currently available in the U.S. where state law allows, Stella Artois plans to roll out Le Bar Guide 2.0 in different global markets, including the UK, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Australia and Belgium. The brand also plans to make an Android version of the app available in the coming months.

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