Studio Unbound is excited to let these Little Monsters off the leash!

Little Monsters are a healthy soft drink brand of sparkling deliciousness with no added sugar. The Little Monsters name refers firstly the lack of any hidden monsters in your drink and also to those little monsters who our kids often transform into when they don’t get what they want. Little Monsters is a drink that lets kids feel cool whilst simultaneously opting for the healthy fizzy drink. Giving them their own healthy vibe to lean into, steering away from self-care, soft, earth yoga mum vibe.

The Little Monsters brand is mainly black and white to allow the flavour colour to stand out with the illustrated fruity character’s flavour which hero the packs. These POG like illustrated mutated and monstrous fruity character for each flavour have their own distinctive personality; like the apple having a Siamese twin, grape being a rock star, hairy scary raspberry or mango giving us the dumb henchman who has suffered recent head trauma from perhaps falling from a tree.

These bold personalities provide an air of collectability. Which allows for the cool fruity gang faces that wouldn’t be out of place on school lunch boxes or on skateboard apparel.

If you look closely there are sneaky references to hidden monsters like the logo, that has monster eye hidden in the centre of the O or the hidden monster eye in the drinks pull tab. That is if you can take your eyes off the Little Monster characters who are all banged up behind hazardous tape to corner off the areas they are banned from.

Overall Studio Unbound have created a brand and packaging design that any 10 year old would feel cool drinking. 

Studio Unbound is a small-but-mighty branding studio that works with aspiring founders of FMCG brands. They always try to deliver work that’s a little different, breaks the mould, and demands to be noticed.

Source: Studio Unbound

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