Studio Unbound is working with the next Big Cheese!

Studio Unbound have worked in partnership with Eric Bruner, a small independent master cheese maker to bring you Gibloux – an artisan Swiss cheese based in London. After tasting and crafting cheese around the world, Eric wanted to shift his focus towards a recipe born from his heritage, The Emmental. Emmental and its natural forming holes is one of the most iconic Swiss cheese there is, or most iconic cheese in general for that matter. 

The typography is reminiscent of a crafted label that you would commonly see on a traditional aged whisky, giving the cheese a level of luxury and craft that resembles the quality of the product. But the most visually striking element of the labels are the disruptive die cuts throughout the design that echoes the iconic cheese itself. The clash of this traditional typography and modern die cuts adds a little wit and sense of humour to the brand without comprising the premium feel of the product. 

Gibloux is more than a cheese, it is a brand which exudes opulence and pride in one’s heritage. With an alternative take on traditional, a design which everyone wants a slice of. Eric Brunner also commissioned Studio Unbound to design a coffee table book dedicated to Gibloux, a deep dive into the delicious world of cheesemaking and a small insight into the truly wonderful craftsmanship and love that go into each and every block of cheese Eric produces.

The end outcome is a brand that is as iconic as the cheese itself and has the flexibility to work on packaging, books, and who knows will it be a Gibloux cheese mongers next? 

Source: Studio Unbound

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