Subway Decks the Halls with Condiment Baubles for Christmas

To promote its new festive menu, Subway has added a little flavour to its Christmas campaign, unveiling a new range of saucy baubles for die-hard condiment lovers (disclaimer: the range is a work of fiction).

With varying degrees of expression and thought, decorating the Christmas tree is a staple Christmas tradition across the UK. From angels to jingle bells and painted reindeers, but condiment-filled baubles are a whole new tradition.

The range of Subway’s bespoke tree decorations features the footlong sub creator’s most asked-for and popular sauces, including Chipotle Southwest, Sweet Onion and Red Chili sauce.

According to Subway, the three dips, encased within clear balls, can fit in with festive tones to enhance real or fake trees. Colours ranging from jewel-red chilli to yellow sweet onion and green chipotle.

In line with the tongue-in-cheek tone, Subway has reminded its fans to remain patient for the Subway Bauble Collection because it is currently being tested and will not roll-out nationally until next year.

Colin Hughes, country director, UK at Subway says: “Fans on social rave about our sauces, and especially our signature Chipotle Southwest. So we are working on ways to give them what we know they want – the chance to get their hands on the Subway range of condiments. We predict the Subway Bauble Collection will be must-have Christmas decorations for sauce fans.”

Source: The Drum

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