Swimmer Ryan Lochte Goes to Extraordinary Lengths to Deliver a Pizza to a Fan

MARS CHOCOLATE NORTH AMERICA RYAN LOCHTERyan Lochte is one of the most iconic American competitive swimmers of all time, and today he brought his swim-tastic technique to the delicious world of Combos baked snacks.

Armed with a waterproof pizza-delivery bag full of Pizzeria Pretzel Combos, Lochte leapt from a moving watercraft into the Hudson River, swim-delivering the crunchy snacks to expectant fans at the Midtown Ferry Terminal. Needless to say, it was one of the most epic pizza deliveries in world history.

Combos baked snacks already make for a totally awesome snack. So this year, the brand is looking outside of its own crunchy shell to see if they can take snacking up a notch – creating epic experiences with their tasty brand, as well as soliciting input from fans on the most epic ways to eat Combos baked snacks.

“When it comes to tasty snacks, we have ‘Good Combos’ in the bag,” said Craig Hall, General Manager, Mars Chocolate North America. “The only way to make the snacking experience even better is to explore how people can use our baked, cheese-filled snacks to reach epic heights.”

Always up for a challenge, Ryan Lochte has stepped up… and delivered. So now, through September 30, Combos brand is asking fans everywhere to come up with their own epic idea for eating new 7 Layer Dip Tortilla Combos baked snacks.

Partnering with a pair of YouTube’s finest filmmakers, Sam Macaroni and Alex Farnham, Combo will select up to two of these ideas and bring them to life in a feature video.

To help inspire epic ideas along the way, they will share a new video each week of Sam and Alex’s Epic Combo experiences.

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