Tecate partners with Pearlfisher to create a new sub-brand of premium light beer, Tecate ALTA

As Mexican-American culture continues to be infused with culture in the United States, opportunities are ripe for Mexican beer with a confident, unique offering. Tecate partnered with Pearlfisher to position a new sub-brand of premium light beer, design the brand, communications and advertising as well as develop an apt, standout name for Tecate ALTA.


As Tecate’s first foray into ultra light beer, Tecate ALTA is a fully defined brand innovation in a rapidly growing category. The name of the brand ignites Tecate’s Mexican-American spirit from the outset. ALTA translates to mean “tall” or “upper”, but also brings to mind descriptive words like, “altitude” and “alternative” by way of pronunciation.

“Tecate ALTA is about embracing 200 percent of your identity,” says Belen Pamukoff, Brand Director at Tecate. “A premium light beer doesn’t mean scaling back. In the same way that being Mexican-American brings with it a duality and richness in combining cultures, the lightness of Tecate ALTA and the specialness of its ingredients make way for more pairings and occasions.”


Built around the identity in both the brand world and packaging designs is a bespoke pattern. Like a tapestry, the pattern is full of stories that showcase scenes and native elements from the brand’s roots – wheat, flora, fauna, and Mount Cuchuma of Tecate, a town located on the border of Mexico and the United States. On the secondary packaging, the pattern emanates from panel to panel, representing borderlessness and freedom of space. The “Cerveza Suprema” product descriptor helps to introduce and differentiate the brand at the center of each can (12 oz. slim, 16 oz. and 24 oz.) as well as secondary packaging.


To introduce the brand to the world, Tecate ALTA’s tone of voice and visual expression culminate in a series of brand activations including TV commercials, radio, social media templates and internal communications. Using CGI and slow-moving imagery, these motion designs feature the sensorial qualities – from the metallic finish catching the sunlight and condensation collecting on the can.

“The layers within the story and the development of Tecate ALTA are part of what makes this brand so compelling,” says Matt Sia, Creative Director at Pearlfisher. “This is the result of strong partnerships with Tecate as well as our creative partners at The Mill – all of whom understood the emotion and heritage behind the vision, which will only grow as people begin to discover Tecate ALTA.”


Pearlfisher Team Credits:

VP, Executive Creative Director: Hamish Campbell

Creative Director: Matt Sia
Head of Strategy: Chris Allan
Associate Strategy Director: Annie Seely

Senior Designer: Jaisy Roman
Head of Realization: Brandi Parker
Head of Realization: Stephen Kwartler

Head of Client Management: Justine Allan Client Director: Courtney Tight
Client Manager: Teri Neis
Visualization Director: Justin Goode

Senior Motion Designer: Justin Sottile

Partner Agencies:

The Mill
Duotone Audio Group Nomades

Source: Pearlfisher

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