The Collaborators Rebrands Clive’s To Bring Some ‘Plant Positivity’ To The Pie Category

Food and drink branding specialists, The Collaborators have rebranded Clive’s Pies to reaffirm its position as one of the UK’s leading plant- based food brands. The Bristol-based agency also developed eye-catching new packaging to bring the positioning to life.

Having baked vegetarian and vegan pies, tarts and nut roasts for over 30 years, Clive’s was well established with these historically ‘niche’ consumer groups. However, with attention turning to all things ‘plant’ in recent years, Clive’s worked closely with The Collaborators to agree a strategic shift: this included creating a fully vegan product line-up and broadening the brand’s appeal to include anyone looking for plant-based alternatives.

The Collaborators developed a new positioning focused on ‘plant positivity’. The idea being that choosing Clive’s is positive for the consumer, positive for animals and positive for the planet. The agency developed a new line, ‘Purely Plants’, to firmly set Clive’s stake in the plant-based market. It replaces the brand’s previous strapline, ‘Made with Love’.

With all the amazing plant-power tucked out of sight inside the pastry, when it came to the packaging, The Collaborators needed to find a way to bring it to the fore. In line with Clive’s drive to be as transparent as possible, the agency created a cross section of each pie to proudly show off the glorious, appetising ingredients within.

The series of illustrations were created in-house by The Collaborators and has bold on-shelf impact, an element that was fundamental to the brief.

The agency also developed a fiercely upbeat tone of voice to deliver Clive’s ethical messaging in a wonderful, not worthy way.

Mary Lewis, Creative Director at The Collaborators said, “Clive’s are such great products, we really wanted to make the amazing flavours and plant-goodness more apparent.”

She continues, “We loved the idea of positive plant power and having the ingredients front and centre without falling back on the usual veg cameos.”

Esther Pearson of Clive’s added, “Right from the start, we wanted the Clive’s brand to make an impact and be instantly recognisable on shelf. We needed a unique point of view to get us there and The Collaborators have delivered. We’ve always been about natural whole foods, rather than ‘fake meat’ so we’re delighted to have a brand solution that let’s us call this out in such a proud, positive way.”

The newly rebranded Clive’s website and packaging launched on 3rd April. The new design will now roll-out nationwide.

Source: The Collaborators

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