The Dalmore partners with Boundless Brand Design to create the perfect luxury packaging to celebrate Lunar New Year.

Boundless Brand Design were privileged to be briefed by The Dalmore to create a limited-edition piece of packaging to celebrate Lunar New Year, in a way that speaks to the elegant and minimal aesthetic of the brand. 

Having always set the highest standards in Highland Scotch Whisky, The Dalmore is a brand steeped in craftsmanship and regality. With a history that dates back to the reign of King Alexander III in 1263, the founder’s vision of treasuring the sanctity of every cask runs deep through the brand. 

For this special edition for GTR, we needed to bring the festivities of the Lunar New Year celebrations onto the packaging, in a way that was obvious for the consumer buying gifts for loved ones, whilst also being true to the beauty and simplicity of the brands overall aesthetic. Attracting the high-net-worth consumer with a luxury edition was critical, bringing The Dalmore into the occasion as a gesture of love or respect. 

Boundless Brand Design created a design that is mesmerising in its movement and finishing touching. Using red, a key colour to signify the occasion, a strong gradient was introduced to give an upward lifting feeling, and to give prominence to the design of the gold lanterns finished in foil moving up the pack. The majestic and luxe finishes create the perfect final nod to the festive occasion. 

Hamish Shand, Founder and Executive Creative Director, says; “Overall the impression of this Festive Limited Edition is magnificent. You can really feel the lanterns floating gently up the pack and the gold foil touches add that extra regal touches to the finish. This pack celebrates all that is elegant and crafted about The Dalmore as well as bring to life the beauty of the Lunar New Year celebrations”.

Source: Boundless Brand Design

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