The Decline of a British Favourite – The Cheese Sandwich

anchor+cheeseSurvey by Anchor Cheddar shows the British are shunning the simple cheese sarnie.

A Great British classic, the traditional cheese sandwich, is in decline according to a survey of 2,000 adults by British cheese brand, Anchor Cheddar.

The survey conducted by Yougov looked into the nation’s eating habits and discovered that although the Brits place cheese as their favourite nostalgic sandwich, They just aren’t tucking into them that often. In fact, 55% of those surveyed had not eaten a cheese sandwich during the past week.


  1. Cheese (21%)
  2. Egg and Cress (17%)
  3. Ham (14%)
  4. Corned Beef (11%)
  5. Jam (6%)

And it looks like the younger generation have forgotten how great tasting a cheese sandwich can be, as only 13% of 18 -24 year olds have eaten one in the last week compared to a quarter of 45-54 year olds.

There’s also a north south divide when it comes to tucking into Britain’s favourite lunchtime sandwich with 50% of northerners enjoying a cheese sandwich in the last week, vs. only 35% of Londoners.

cheese-sandwich-pic-rex-features-488279338Louise Thornton from Anchor Cheddar says, “It’s a real shame that the cheese sandwich is in decline. It’s a deliciously simple pleasure that’s easy to make, cheap to create and so a perfect treat. We can’t wait to remind the nation what they are missing out on during our tour of the UK.”

Anchor Cheddar is going on tour to 100 locations across the UK from 6th February, campaigning to get the nation supporting the classic cheese sandwich.

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