The Great British Biscuit Co Embarks on a Drive to Raise the Standard of Hotel Mini Bar Accompaniments

In these cautious, ‘Brexit stalemate’ times, where significant business investment has been largely left on the back-burner until everyone has a better grasp of this island’s unfolding economic landscape, it would appear that the nation’s highly respected hotel and hospitality sector (like so many of our country’s most highly prized business divisions) will have to spend the short-term (at least) living within its means, whilst getting its incumbent offers to work that much harder.

Such a outlook helps explain why The Great British Biscotti Co (GBBC) is now actively focusing its efforts on the foodservice sector and more specifically the often ‘forgettable; mini bar and tea/coffee facilities experience offered by a significant tranche of the top-end hotel sector.  A recent GBBC trial at Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa provided a ‘staggering’ insight as to how even the smallest upgrades can generate seismic upturns in both sales and customer satisfaction.’

According to Great British Biscotti founder, Paul Rostand, “We’ve always known that our single/double baton biscotti provides the perfect ‘don’t rush’ accompaniment to a well-deserved wind-down coffee or tea, however we hadn’t simply hadn’t anticipated the depth of ‘good will’ that accompanies even the simplest upgrade in typical bedroom/meeting room amenities. Most hotel visitors are inquisitive by nature so are truly appreciate of any small/thoughtful gesture that goes the extra yard to make their stay that little bit more enjoyable whilst the hotels in turn are applauded from pushing a more personalised/less mainstream outlook.”

The Great British Biscotti Company’s more indulgent format of biscotti comes in: Belgian Chocolate, Lemon Honey & Ginger, Coffee & Walnut and NEW for 19 White Chocolate Cranberries and Pistachios (in addition to traditional almond) whilst for those of a more savoury persuasion there’s a NEW Chorizo & Parmesan biscotti baton because we all acknowledge that there’s so much more to life than a so-so shortbread.

Source: The Great British Biscotti Co

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