The House of Angostura Introduces: Angostura 1787 Super-Premium Rum

angostura-1787The House of Angostura has announced the launch of a new, super-premium, 15 year-old aged rum: Angostura 1787 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

An exquisite sipping rum, Angostura 1787 commemorates the establishment of the first sugar mill in Trinidad, at the famous Lapeyrouse sugar plantation, in 1787. It is made from a selection of rums carefully chosen from the House of Angostura’s vast ageing warehouses, each of which has been ageing for 15 years in charred oak barrels.

Among the best of the best, Angostura 1787 honours the tradition of excellence established by the House of Angostura almost two centuries ago, combining traditional ageing skills with contemporary blending expertise, to create a spirit of multi-faceted sensory appeal.

“Angostura 1787 celebrates the history of a quintessentially Caribbean spirit, highlights the importance of rum in our history, and promotes the awareness of rum as the true spirit of Trinidad and Tobago,” says Executive Manager – International Sales & Marketing, Genevieve Jodhan.

A rich mahogany in colour with hints of bronze, Angostura 1787 is beautifully balanced, with a medium-bodied palate, and a sweet bouquet of banana, dried fruit and oak with top notes of apples. Its taste carries a hint of dried prunes and sweet rounded oak notes entwined with toffee nuances, with a long, crisp finish.

angostura-premium-line-upIt offers all the quality and taste expected by Angostura’s aficionados.

Angostura 1787 Rum is the newest addition to the House of Angostura’s award-winning family of premium rums, a range which includes Angostura 7 Year Old Rum, Angostura 1919 and Angostura 1824.

It is presented in a heavy, rounded bottle with a thick glass base, emblazoned with the signature of Dr. J.G.B. Seigert, the founder of Angostura, and packaged in an exquisite, heavy brown and orange box.

Source: The House of Angostura

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