The inside scoop: JDO begins a creative partnership with Hennig Olsen

JDO Brand Design has been selected as Hennig-Olsen’s new creative partner. Through this collaboration, JDO will be involved in evolving and elevating the Hennig-Olsen brand and its portfolio to take on the competition and engage the next generation of modern ice cream lovers.

The oldest ice cream producer in the region, Hennig-Olsen has been churning its premium quality ice cream and other frozen desserts out of their factory in Kristiansand for more than 90 years. The proud family-run company attributes its success to a secret recipe that has been passed down for three generations and exclusively using real Norwegian cream. Hennig-Olsen leads the market with a bounty of brands in their portfolio that are known and loved nationwide.

 Recognising JDO’s effectiveness in developing strategic brand worlds to achieve cohesion and impact as well as its agency’s high standards for creative excellence, the Scandi ice cream crafters are aiming to strengthen their brand’s relevance and improve portfolio navigation through smart, stunning design and product innovation.

 “We are very much looking forward to working with the team at JDO. They clearly have the creativity, intelligence and technical understanding to shepherd Hennig-Olsen into the future whilst respecting and honouring our heritage,” comments Lillian Hall, Marketing Director at Hennig-Olsen. “Their robust experience with Nordic brands illustrates that they understand our culture and their unique approach to innovation is creating a lot of excitement within our teams.”

 “Hennig-Olsen is family owned, and it has such a wonderful and rich story“, comments Fiona Florence, Managing Director at JDO, “From being sold at a single kiosk in Kristiansand to being the quintessential treat across the country. Our team is so looking forward to bringing this story to life, amplifying its qualities and equities to deepen Hennig-Olsen’s connection to their consumers and reaffirming their position as Norway’s leading ice cream.” 

Summer is not summer without ice cream. And in Norway, summer is not summer without Hennig-Olsen

Source: JDO Brand Design

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