‘The Juice Premium’ Cold-Pressed Juice Range Launches in the UK

logoThe Juice Premium is entering the market with the product designed especially for offices, households etc. Thanks to bag-in-box system used, natural juice is ambient and has a longer shelf life.

The Juice Premium is currently launching UK-wide with its seven naturally tasty, cold-pressed and pure juices that not only taste exquisite – they smell exquisite too! All juices are 100% natural, pure and free from any additives or GMOs.

Their main difference to other 100% fruit juices is that it can be stored within ambient lines, perfect when there is lack of refrigerated space. Then once opened juice has to be consumed in 10 days when most fresh juices need to be finished in just couple of days.

Bag in box packaging is the answer for the increasing amount of waste in the UK. The main goal is to convince customers that smart and eco-friendly packaging with exquisite juice without any additives can be a reasonable alternative to bottles and tetra-packs Instead of 3-10 bottles they offer one pouch with spout and box, which additionally can be reused when new pouch is inserted.

The Juice PremiumJuice bar quality products free from any additives are more and more popular in the UK, however their prices are high up to £4 per 250ml bottle. The Juice Premium aims at selling glass of juice under £1, which sounds very reasonably keeping in mind very high quality of product.

Their aim is to bring juice to bespoke cafes, bistros and offices, where juice bar quality products free from any nasties are highly desirable.

the-juice-review-3The Juice is squeezed from locally grown fruits. You won’t find any tropical ones, just simple, fresh fruits from local farms.

“There are three things I absolutely love about The Juice Premium: reusable bag in box packaging which reduces amount of waste and provides long-shelflife and thanks to it we can deliver juice absolutely additives free and finally the range of simple-yet- sublime flavours,” said Maciek Kacprzyk founder of The Juice Premium.

“The idea is to sell large share pack of natural and ambient juice with a value approach. This is a reason why we have chosen extraordinary packaging system – bag in box, which ensures extended longevity of product and no additives added (no citric/ascorbic acids, sugar, preservatives etc.),” added Kacprzyk.

The Juice is available now in cafes and healthy shops in London and Cardiff, online at www.thejuicepremium.co.uk/shop, www.caterwings.co.uk and currently lining up a host of national stockists.

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