The World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Looks & Tastes Like Real Meat

Scientists have managed to grow cells from cows into strips of muscle, which were then combined into a patty, cooked and served up to food experts.

This world’s first lab-grown burger is the brainchild of the Netherlands-based Professor Mark Post of Maastricht University, who said that while this is “a very good start”, it will still take a while for lab-grown meat to reach the market.

Food experts who got to taste this artificial patty gave it pretty good reviews, saying that it feels like real meat—this lab-grown meat was actually white in color before the scientists added natural coloring to make it look and taste like normal meat and make it more acceptable to consumers.

Conceived as a potential solution to the world’s food shortage problem, it may also bring an end to the animal cruelty prevalent in today’s meat production industry.

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