Tostitos: Men Are The Biggest Offenders Of Double-Dipping

FRITO-LAY NORTH AMERICA CHIP AND DIP DAY DOUBLE-DIPPINGNo bowl is safe with nearly half of Millennial men, ages 18-34, admitting to conducting the biggest party foul in the book: double-dipping.

To celebrate National Chip and Dip Day on March 23, Tostitos, a leading brand from PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division, conducted a survey with ORC International interviewing more than 1,000 Americans from Feb. 14-17, 2013, about their chip-dipping habits.

Survey results revealed that 39 percent of young adults admit to double-dipping, and 67 percent say simply dipping a chip makes them happy.

Other key findings from the survey include:

  • Battle of the Sexes: Only one-third (32 percent) of young women surveyed said they have double-dipped at a party while nearly half (46 percent) of young men admit that they have snuck a second dip.
  • Let’s Party On: After witnessing a double-dip, 54 percent of young partygoers will step away from the dip bowl, while 22 percent don’t mind joining in on the double-dipping action.
  • If You Must, Be Discreet: While young adults may be the first to take their chip back for seconds, one in four Americans has double-dipped at a party. Though some may let it slide, 25 percent of those surveyed will call out fellow partygoers if they go in for a second dip.
  • Pop-Up Party: According to Americans in their twenties and thirties, it’s not a party without chips and dip. Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of partygoers consider chips and dip a party staple with 74 percent of consumers keeping chips and salsa stashed in the pantry in case of a spontaneous party.

“The Tostitos brand couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate National Chip and Dip Day than to unearth the secret party-snacking habits of our fans,” said Tony Matta, Vice President of marketing, Frito-Lay North America.

“While we don’t condone double-dipping, we encourage our fans to get together and dial up that party.”

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