UK’s first Microwaveable Pork Crackle by Kings Elite Snacks launches into Sainsburys

Kings Elite Snacks - The UK’s leading ambient meat snack brand is delighted to announce it is launching the UK’s first Microwaveable Pork Crackle product into Sainsburys this November .

With Kings pioneering in this space with vegan jerky, wagyu biltong and salmon jerky, Kings Pork Crackle is set to be the most innovative snack launched to date. The company GM and the founder of the Kings brand Charlie Simpson-Daniel says: “This takes pork crackle to a whole new level. Normal crackle is air popped/fried in big factories, cooled down and then packaged and can take 2-3 months to reach a customer’s taste buds. Kings Crackle you get to air pop yourself in a microwave which means when you eat it, it’s piping hot, 100% fresh and crackles loudly almost like a log in a fire does. Best of all apart from the incredible taste, it’s 77% protein, and zero sugar so a great snack, especially for those on the ketogenic diet!”

Kings is supporting this launch with a six-figure marketing campaign and hopes to in the same way it did in biltong and jerky snacking, create a higher quality eating experience designed to bring new customers to the world of Pork Crackle. Kings Crackle will retail at £1.75 per bag and is available in all of Sainsburys largest supermarkets.

Source: Kings

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