Ungava Introduces Its New 2014 Summerpack

UNGAVA LIMITED ED 2014 03For this summer edition, Ungava dressed its distinctive premium gin with a neoprene cooler jacket in the brand’s iconic yellow. This isothermic textile cover, closed by a zip, offers a second skin to your bottle and keeps your beverage chilled for up two hours.

Cool, elegant and practical, its colorful design celebrates the arrival of summer, featuring the six rare botanicals found in Ungava Gin. Resolutely modern, the jacket hugs the sleek shape and clean-cut lines of the Ungava bottle, unveiling its unconventional natural yellow hue.

Ungava: a Modern, Genuine and Unconventional Gin!

UNGAVA LIMITED ED 2014 02Ungava originates from the northern frontier of Canada, where the vast tundra meets the icy seas. Its particular aroma can be traced back to six rare botanicals, native to the Arctic region, that enter its composition: Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hip, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Tea.

Handpicked in the wild during the fleeting summer season, then infused the traditional way, they are handcrafted into an authentic gin with a unique taste, to the delight of adventurous amateurs and connoisseurs alike.

Tasting notes 

Ungava revealed a smooth, fresh, floral and spicy style. The precious plants and berries release their natural colour and aromas to yield a gin that is exquisitely well-balanced.

Connoisseurs will appreciate the mellow character of this 100% natural gin, which is unusual considering its alcoholic strength of 43.1% vol.

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