Unilever Launches Digital Push to Fuel £12m Knorr Brand Drive

Knorr001Unilever-owned food brand Knorr is launching an online portal to recruit food enthusiasts to act as advocates as part of a wider £12m marketing push to raise its profile in the UK.

The food maker is switching from promoting the convenience of its products to creating campaigns that push its quality and taste credentials. The shift aims to tap into the popularity of TV shows such as Masterchef and Come Dine With Me.

It is launching an online community to spearhead the charge and introduce new shoppers to the full Knorr product range. The portal will serve as a hub for the brand’s digital activity where consumers will be able to interact with the brand’s 230-strong team of ‘Knorr Chefs’ who are responsible for making every single Knorr product.

Visitors will be able to share recipes from both the experts and celebrity chef Marco Pierre White as well as use a ‘Buy It Now’ feature to purchase products such as stock cubes and gravy pots.

Knorr002Facebook activity to recruit fans for the brand’s “Kitchen Academy”, which offers members recipes tailored to their preferences, will support the hub alongside print advertising, sampling and PR.

The brand wants the flurry of digital activity to champion the “Knorr Chefs”, a marketing move that started earlier this year to reinforce its culinary heritage. It is also hoped the strategy will establish a community of advocates that regularly visit its site and Facebook page for cooking tips and recipe ideas.

A TV campaign will launch later this year to extend the push.

Knorr is Unilever’s is largest single global brand with a portfolio that spans a range of categories such as gravies, dips and sauces. Despite its scale, the brand has struggled to dominate a specific category in the UK amid growing competition from own-label products. The company says the upcoming activity will bolster its “masterbrand status” online and set it up for future growth.

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