Virtual Reality Makes Dole Farm Visit An Adventure

Visitors to Fruit Logistica in 2017 will have an exclusive opportunity to experience the “Visit my Farm” app live and to visit a Dole banana farm thanks to virtual reality.

The new technology will allow visitors to take a look over the shoulder of Dole employees at each stage of production. This innovative marketing tool enhances the emotional appeal of the relevant brand values and will amaze visitors. Dole is inviting all trade show visitors to try out this new technology live between 8 and 10 February.

Up close and personal with the Dole standard

Visitors can use the app to individually experience the banana farm tour. The opportunities to explore are many and varied: participants can enjoy a panoramic view of the farm from above as part of a sightseeing flight or watch the plantation employees at work.

In this way, Dole manages the balancing act between education, information and entertainment. In addition, the brand values of sustainability and transparency are revitalised. They are presented in a way that is relevant and have an emotive and compelling appeal. With this new and exciting tool, Dole once again demonstrates its ability to successfully implement innovations and to offer significant added value to the banana as a product.

Relevant and in step with the times

Clever marketing strategies are needed to remain relevant to customers and consumers in the long term. Dole therefore consistently looks to offerings for retail partners and consumers that are relevant to its target groups. The online version is an additional aid that will help everyone to experience the trip to a Dole banana farm in virtual reality.

“This innovative development gives us the opportunity to communicate production processes and complex issues like sustainability in an exciting, informative and concise way”, says Sonja Schulze, Marketing Manager, Dole Europe GmbH.

Available in seven languages, the web version will allow consumers to gain an understanding of a complex world of fruit in a convenient and fun way. As a result, the next time they go shopping they will not only be placing a banana but also a product experience in their basket.

Source: Dole

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