Water Flavouring Brand Go Splash Appoints REYEZ!

Go Splash, the highly concentrated water flavoring, today announced the appointment of Dutch creative agency REYEZ! to deliver global strategy and creative campaigns. To ramp up its marketing efforts to boost this – new in Europe – revolutionary brand worldwide.

REYEZ! has been hired to determine the digital strategy and increase brand awareness through creative advertising campaigns that can be used by local Go Splash markets. The first campaigns are already active in the United Kingdom and Germany.

The news follows the introduction of the new EMEA strategy by Lisenka Impens, who joined Go Splash 18 months ago as Marketing Manager to roll out the global marketing strategy to EMEA. Go Splash is frontrunner in the water flavouring category and has grown largely by word of mouth as well as major sampling activities. The brand is now expanding its presence globally through strategic digital brand campaigns.

Go Splash“Now that we’re ready to dial up our global marketing efforts it was important for me to cooperate with an agency with a strong digital vision and could work hand in hand with local markets and other agencies worldwide,” said Impens.

“REYEZ! represents a young team with strong digital DNA, delivering media-neutral campaign solutions and creative ‘franchises’ that allow local markets to play an active part. To get the most out of our digital approach we work together with local agencies who implement our strategy as well as manage our local social media. In the UK we collaborate with Strawberry Soup, who has been our content agency from start and who does an excellent job.”

“It’s a huge and important job for REYEZ!, not only as a global brand but also, Go Splash is a truly cutting edge client who requires smart and modern thinking and creative work,” said Tom Hes, CEO and owner of REYEZ!

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