Weaving a new story for sparkling water

Global Brand-led creative agency BrandOpus have partnered with Molson Coors Beverage Company to create a new hop infused sparkling water, Vyne Botanicals. The brief encompassed a full brand creation from naming, strategy, identity, brand world and the creation of a launch campaign. The creation of the new brand is in response to Molson Coors Beverage Companies’ ambition to grow market share outside of the beer category. 

James Hall, Senior Manager – Innovation at Molson Coors Beverage Company commented: “Everyone knows that hops are present in beer, but people don’t really appreciate their magical qualities. We needed a brand that could leverage this to disrupt a flooded sparkling water category, communicate a new-to-market product and all with the versatility to appeal to 
different occasions.”

BrandOpus weaves a story of intrigue and mystery through the Green Man, a mysterious historic symbol crafted to appear camouflaged into its surroundings. “We wanted the brand to bring the vitality of nature into our everyday lives.” Comments Paul Taylor, Chief Creative Officer, “The Green Man, as a metaphor, is a perfect embodiment of this idea as he crosses the divide from the world of nature into our world. It speaks to the brand’s ability to reignite a sense of curiosity and to explore a bit more of the wildness at the heart of life.” 

“It can elevate consumers from the mundaneness of water and soft drinks”

Hall adds, “It was really important that the brand could exist beyond just on shelf, we wanted it to drive the same differentiated qualities across every single touchpoint – from our social media, our presence in e-retail, the website, in-store and in our launch campaign” 

The brand’s visual world is brought together through illustrative and photographic foliage and has the ability to burst into real world experiences. Taylor comments “it was important that Vyne brought the natural world into consumers lives in a really positive way, adding colour and vivacity to every situation.The launch campaign for the brand, brings the brands key elements to life with a message that speaks to challenge category norms.

Source: BrandOpus

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