Wendy’s Debuts ‘Pretzel Chicken Love Stories’


Who can resist a juicy story – or a sandwich?

Wendy’srecently launched Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich has fueled a second wave of pretzel passion among consumers and has spiraled into another online love fest. Wendy’s is once again tapping into the social trend of turning tweets into spoken words with an over-the-top video series. This follows the successful #PretzelLoveSongs campaign for the Pretzel Bacon Cheeseburger.

THE WENDY'S COMPANY ROSELYN SANCHEZAs part of its Pretzel Love Stories campaign, Wendy’s used pretzel fans’ social media posts to create soap-opera style love stories. The first video releases on Facebook. The sequel will star actress and Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Roselyn Sanchez and will be released later this month.

“I’ve seen fans share their love about the Pretzel Pub Chicken sandwich on social media, and as a huge pretzel fan, I wanted to celebrate the next chapter of Wendy’s pretzel love with the final #PretzelLoveStories video,” said Sanchez. “It was so much fun to transform the pretzel love into a love story.”

The exaggerated #PretzelLoveStories videos pay tribute to the heartfelt comments made about Wendy’s signature, artisan-baked pretzel bun. The videos include classic soap opera scenes –such as dramatic weddings and love triangles – featuring the Pretzel Pub Chicken as the star-studded desire of each cast member.

“Roselyn’s experience playing comedic and dramatic roles ties perfectly to the telenovela-like themes of the videos,” said Liz Geraghty, Wendy’s VP of Brand Marketing. “With Pretzel Pub Chicken and the #PretzelLoveStories campaign, we continue praising our fans as the true innovators in this ongoing—and very real—pretzel love story.”

Time to Leave:  It’s Not You – It’s Us 

wendysLike all classic love stories, our pretzel bun will soon come to an end.  Wendy’s is encouraging consumers to say their proper goodbyes with their pretzel love affairs by enjoying Wendy’s limited-time pretzel offerings before they leave restaurants in November. Pretzel lovers everywhere can still share their love on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #PretzelLoveStories.

Wendy’s Pub-Inspired Chicken Sandwich

The Pretzel Pub Chicken blends pub-inspired flavors unexpected from a quick-service restaurant. It starts with an all-white meat breast fillet, lightly breaded and topped with a fresh spring mix and freshly sliced red tomato.  A slice of creamy Muenster cheese adds a rich flavor, along with warm cheddar cheese sauce and sweet and savory honey mustard – all enclosed in the signature toasted artisan pretzel bun.

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