What Kind Of Apple Are You?

U.S. APPLE ASSOCIATIONIf you were an apple, what type of apple would you be?

As peak apple season arrives, the U.S. Apple Association (USApple) helps you get to the core of the matter with AppletizeMe, an online destination that matches your personality traits to your ideal apple variety.

Are you a social butterfly? That makes you a Gala apple, the core of the in-crowd but always making everyone feel welcome and good inside.

How about an intellectual? Easy as Pi. You’re a Ginger Gold.

Fitness fanatic? Then you’re a Fuji, living proof that crunches are worth the effort.

The website not only reveals your true apple with a special illustration, but also identifies perfect food pairings – such as caramel dips, cheddar cheese slices and walnut butter – to accompany your variety.

USApple developed AppletizeMe as a health and nutrition initiative to inspire consumers to learn more about apple varieties, apple pairings and apple’s many health benefits in a fun, engaging and social environment.

AppletizeMe partners are T. Marzetti Company, California Walnuts and California Milk Advisory Board.

“It often takes something lighthearted yet catchy to get us to try something new,” says Wendy Brannen, Director of Consumer Health and Public Relations for USApple. “The fun of AppletizeMe is that it encourages us to walk outside of our typical apple-buying habits to check out different varieties and how we can eat them.  And, I love that, by combining apples with our AppletizeMe partners’ products, we can also promote healthy new snack and meal solutions.”

The AppletizeMe website is packed with helpful product information and exciting new research about the health benefits of apples, as well as surprising details and simple preparation tips on select apple varieties.

Individuals who share their apple personality on social media networks can enter for a chance to win special prizes. These include weekly drawings for iTunes gift cards throughout October, and drawings for two Apple iPads for individuals who enter through Nov. 21.

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