William Grant & Sons Name John Quinn as the New Vice Chair of the Irish Whiskey Association

William Grant & Sons announced that its Global Brand Ambassador for Tullamore D.E.W. John Quinn has been elected as the Vice Chair of the Irish Whiskey Association (effective 1 January 2019).

John joined Tullamore D.E.W. in 1974 and has worked with the brand ever since.

He commented: “I’m delighted to represent William Grant & Sons and Tullamore D.E.W. in this role, but also to work hard on behalf of the Irish Whiskey category. The role takes on more significance with added responsibility as we witness the huge growth in the Irish Whiskey business globally. But with this growth comes a responsibility to ensure the long-term health of the category is protected from short-term expediency by players who may not necessarily take the long-term view.”

Chin Ru Foo, Associate Brand Director, Irish American Whiskey and Trail Blazer Brands, for William Grant & Sons, said: “John can tell you the story behind every label and shed light on every note you taste. He’s an open book – his knowledge is your knowledge; his wisdom yours for the taking. The Irish Whiskey Category will certainly benefit from John playing an active role in the future steering of the industry. Please join me in congratulating John on his new role and wishing him the best for the future.”

The Irish Whiskey Association provides a forum for all operators, new and old, to come together to share expertise and cooperate in building the Irish whiskey category brand. 

Source: William Grant & Sons

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