Winter Got You Feeling Blue? Brighten Your Day With Xango Juice

75213785This time of year, shorter days, limited sunshine and long cold snaps can bring on the winter blues. Add to that the difficulty of finding fresh fruit in many climates, and people begin to feel sluggish and unfocused. Savvy, health-conscious consumers supplement their diet with goodness in the form of the nutrient-dense, whole-fruit mangosteen puree found in Xango Juice.

“In winter, often life is busy, the weather is dreary, and people find it hard to consume the amount of fruit their body needs,” said Xango Founder, Chairman & CEO Aaron Garrity. “In formulating Xango Juice, we’ve worked with leading manufacturers to source the best fruits and adhere to a strict quality-assurance process that ensures premium wellness is delivered in every bottle. Millions of consumers around the world enjoy a better lifestyle because of Xango Juice.”

Recognized as the world’s first and leading mangosteen supplement, Xango Juice is a convenient, delicious drink that helps narrow the nutrient gap caused by lower consumption of fresh fruit in people’s diets. Just a small glass of up to three ounces in the morning and another before bed can provide significant wellness benefits to help people better cope through the long, gray winter.

XANGO, LLC BOTTLEXango Juice nourishes the body with a host of phytonutrients found in the whole mangosteen fruit, including more than 40 xanthones. Xango Juice also contains the same beneficial phytonutrients found in dark chocolate, grape seed extract and other popular supplements. The rich, dense formula used in Xango Juice is based on a puree of whole mangosteen fruit, with the compliments of several other fruits to help round out the juice’s unique taste.

Scientific research shows that naturally occurring xanthones, as found in Xango Juice, may help:

  • maintain intestinal health
  • support the immune system
  • neutralize free radicals
  • help support cartilage and joint function
  • and promote a healthy seasonal respiratory system

Xango Juice is available from any of the company’s 2 million global independent distributors.

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